What happened at FrisianDF in May?

Just last week Janny and I discussed how we wanted to share more about what happens at FDF. We decided that it would be awesome to look back every month, and see all the things that we did or that happened. And so the journey begins…

The FDF in May

For the FDF May started with a small weeklong holiday. To give ourself, the students and teachers the well deserved rest we sometimes need in the very busy process of being a DF. Lots of things happen all the time, the work with students, people visiting and all other initiatives that are sometimes so many that it is really hard to keep track.

But May was also a month of new beginnings. We welcomed Floris into our team. Floris will do research into Design Thinking, and developing a DFtoolkit. We will keep you updated. And of course we all shared a meal with him. Getting to know each other at DF means a lot of eating, lunching, coffee drinking and of course also nights out. Like our staff dinner.

Staff dinner

The last live broadcast from SmartHUB tv

The last live broadcast from smartHUB tv also happened in May. The last few months we did 8 live broadcasts with them. Were Janneke was most of the times co-host. We would have a small table to which we would invite new people every week to tell something about their work at the Blokhuispoort (the place were we are situated) or other innovation initiatives. If you want to take a look at it, you can find it here, it is only in Dutch though.

Connecting two different organisations normaly is no easy job. But connecting the Blokhuispoort/Frisian Design Factory and the Kanselarij is lots of fun! We now have a shared autoped!


WaterTech Fest

WaterTech Fest was part of the European Start Up week. We were asked to do a session at WaterTech Fest. Some 20 people joined us to think and brainstorm about different water challenges. We worked with local partners like Wetterskip Fryslan and FrieslandCampina but also with other partners like Alba Concepts. After an afternoon of hard working everyone went home with some new concepts, new contacts, lots of new energy and of course our handmade Hugging Point.


Students projects

Of course way more happened in May, de students worked hard on their projects. We have students working on challenges in alzheimer elderlycare, a interactive picnic table and new design thinking workshop methods. Because it is the last month before the deadline, lot is happing, not everything is photographed, but at least we can give you some sneakpeak!


Montly networking event Break-In

The last party of the month was our montly networking event the Break In. For this event there were awesome BHP friends, drinks, tapas, music and of course a lot of fun. We looked back on a great first semester at the BHP. The partners we made, the friends we made, the things we did. And of course we also looked forward to a new year of parties, people. projects and partners. Our perfect 4 P’s

The next DFmonth will be a busy one. Students will finish there projects for this semester. We are preparing the conference for July (look here!). And still organising one last pressure cooker before the summer holiday.

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Zorgrobots: waar kan ik bestellen?

Onlangs heb ik naar een discussie geluisterd en die mij aan het denken heeft gezet. Want wanneer is design ‘ethisch’? En wat ik met die vraag bedoel is: 'Is het prima om mensen te vervangen door technologie in sociale beroepen?' Eind augustus was het. Tijdens een lange autorit naar den Haag hoorde ik op de radio een mevrouw zich boos uiten op het accountants- en advieskantoor KPMG. Niet over de controlekwaliteit van een jaarrekening of over complexe fiscaliteiten, maar over zorgrobots. De mevrouw van dienst was het volstrekt oneens met de opstellers van een perspectiefrapport over robotisering in de zorg. KPMG voorziet in dat rapport een scala aan mogelijkheden die deze zorgrobots te bieden hebben. ‘Onethisch’, zo vond ze. En die was mevrouw niet zomaar iemand. Zij had namelijk verstand van verpleeghuiszaken en heeft meegewerkt aan een manifest.

19 december 2017

International Design Factory Week 2017

October 30th to November 3rd we’ve had the annual gathering of all Design Factory representatives in the world. As tradition dictates, since it was the fourth annual gathering, we went to our fourthly established Design Factory. After the Aalto University Design Factory in Helsinki, Sino-Finnish Centre Tongji University in Shanghai, and Design Factory Melbourne in Melbourne, it was up to Design Factory Korea to host our meetup. Eric and Floris were the lucky ones to go to this Design Factory in Seoul, South-Korea.

4 december 2017