eric voigt

Eric Voigt

Coördinator minor Frisian Design Factory

The Rainmaker of the Frisian Design Factory. Loves to connect, is curious and loves to prototype.

janny huitema

Janny Huitema

First Lady of the Frisian Design Factory

Janny is engaged in the communication and marketing of the Frisian Design Factory and regulates all the organizational & logistics issues around the FDF in the Blokhuispoort. Also you can contact her if you have a (complex or social) issue.

guus nauta

Guus Nauta


Guus is onze facilitair medewerker (thuismeester). Hij zorgt ervoor dat alle ruimtes die de NHL huurt binnen de Blokhuispoort op orde zijn. Daarnaast kun altijd bij Guus terecht voor allerhande (technische) vragen.




Gjina is our FDF dog. Gjina lived on the streets in Bosnia for several years so she had to look for her own food. Thats why she likes to grab stuff out of the garbage can. She now lives with us at the FDF and has a lot of friends. Sometimes she will come to you and ask for a pat on the head or a cookie.