Break in event

by Janny Huitema on mei 12, 2016

Our names are Klara Menzel and Tim Warthemann, both studying International Leisure Management at the Stenden University in Leeuwarden. Within the scope of our studies, we started to work with four other fellow students for the Frisian Design Factory. After a couple of weeks, we slowly got acquainted with our client and our task became clear: To bring together the people of the Blokhuispoort.

The Blokhuispoort is an old prison in the middle of Leeuwarden in which cells can be rented by start – up companies and everyone who needs some space for their entrepreneurial ideas. Additionally, a lot of student minors and organisations are located there. As you could imagine most of these individuals and teams don’t interact with each other, simply because they don’t know of their existence. We were there to change this, to be the link between them.

With several brainstorm sessions and consulting hours with the Frisian Design Factory, we came up with the idea of a recurring event which would happen every month. It should become a meeting point for the tenants of the Blokhuispoort. Everyone would gather on the last Thursday of the month for the Blokhuispoort Break – IN.

The Blokhuispoort Break-in is a possibility for everyone inside the Blokhuispoort and revolving around it to get to know everyone else. It is a possibility to draw more attention to your company, your project or minor in the form of small pitches. People from a lot of different studies and fields of expertise are present at the event. At the end, cooperation between the tenants is the goal of this event.

By now we had four different events of the Break-in and has improved with every time. The Blokhuispoort is a facility with a lot of potential and therefore the event will grow bigger and bigger. Stay tuned for a lot of additional features of the event in the future!

In the end, a huge shout – out to everyone who visited the event so far and gave us such constructive and positive feedback! See you next time to Break – IN!